Our Community

For more than 70 years the Rotary Club of Victor Harbor has been helping the local community to become a better place to live in. Through many different small projects which we call working bees members and friends have gathered together to paint, garden, clear up, build or update a space or building to make it safer and more appealing to those who use it.

Bradley’s Place

One such example of this action is at Bradley’s Place where our club has held many working bees to help create a peaceful haven away from the stresses and demands that come with having a child with cancer, or loosing a child to this terrible disease.

On Sat 27 June, members of the club’s Community Committee and friends created a new playground for visiting guests staying at Bradley’s Place to use – 27 June 2019

In recent years our club has worked on the following upgrades to Bradley’s Place: General clean up, make the property fire safe, new rain water tank, new playground, new disabled ramp (that included a district grant), new air-conditioning unit, numerous new pieces of furniture, electrical upgrades, pest control, maintenance among other things. We have been given discounts and free materials from some generous business.

Members Drive Patients Thru Medi Ride Scheme

Members of Rotary Victor Harbor have signed up to help transport patients from their homes to hospitals and other medical appointments in a City of Victor Harbor Council Scheme. This service is run jointly between Southern Communities Transport Scheme and Medi Ride who combine to help those in need attend important medical appointments when they have no other means of getting there by themselves. Club member Neville Willis has been driving people for over 20 years, and recently 3 new members have joined him, they are President Marty Alsford, President Elect Julie Irwin, and Rotarian Peter Morison.
They can be seen here standing by the bus in which they all successfully drove to pass the required driving examination, the Volunteer Driver Assessment Test.

Rotarians Peter Morison, Marty Alsford and Immediate Past President Julie Irwin, stand proudly by the bus which was donated by Rotary Victor Harbor – June 2020

Community Fundraising

A Staggering $1.6 million has been donated by our club in the last 38 years. See below the extensive list of local organisations which have benefitted from our club’s extensive fundraising activities.

This is a list of organisations and projects that have received donations from the Rotary Club of Victor Harbor within the last 38 years, totalling $1.6 million dollars!